Photo of Charleston brick color in herringbone brick pattern. Kitchen brick floor. image of PortStone brick floor in the Charleston brick color and herringbone brick pattern
The floor seen in the photos above and the two photos directly below are all done in PortStone‚Äôs Charleston color.  The pattern is Herringbone.
Charleston brick color on kitchen brick floor.
The above entry way is very nicely accented with a wood border.  The PortStone in the  center section was simply turned on a 45 degree angle to create this dramatic effect.
Many customers ask if PortStone is suitable for a kitchen floor.  The answer is absolutely "Yes".  PortStone is great for any room in the house.
Image of large brick patio.  PortStone Charleston brick color.
PortStone is a great choice for use outside on porches, patios, walkways, even pool decks.  Whenever PortStone is used on a horizontal exterior surface, a slip resistant additive must be used in conjunction with the sealer to keep it from being slick when wet.
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