FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Q. What is PortStone? A. PORTSTONE is an innovative, patent pending flooring product that is made from a specially modified cementitious material enhanced with co-polymers, industrial grade aggregates, acrylic resins, and other proprietary components all reinforced with a woven fiberglass mesh. It is made to resemble brick, stone, slate, and tile. PORTSTONE is only about as thick as ceramic tile, yet it has more impact resistance than ceramic tile or even full sized brick.   PORTSTONE has the look and feel of brick and stone, but it is much easier and faster to install. It is installed much like ceramic tile onto thin-set mortar, but instead of installing one brick at the time, with PortStone as many as 16 bricks can be laid in one motion. Q. Can PortStone for floors be used outside? A.  Yes, PortStone is as well suited for porches, patios, pool decks and walkways as it is for interior floors. Q. How is PortStone installed on interior walls? A. PortStone can be installed on drywall or paneling using ceramic tile mastic as the adhesive.  Use a ¼” v-notched trowel to apply the mastic advesive. Q. Can PortStone for walls be used on exterior walls? A.  Yes it can with proper installation.  PortStone can be used under covered areas such as covered porches where rain water infiltration is not expected to be a problem.  It can be used directly over existing brick or concrete block walls. If PortStone is being installed in areas exposed to rain, it must be installed according to MVMA (Masonry Veneer Manufacturers Association) guidelines which covers proper substrate and water proofing methods. Q. Why is a floor finish required on interior floors when it is already sealed? A.  The floor finsh is a vital part of a PortStone floor installation.  The floor finish makes your PORTSTONE floor much easier top clean than it would be without it.  Also, our floor finish cures to a harder finish much faster than the sealer does.  Even though our sealer dries hard enough to walk on within about 3 hours, until it is fully cured, sometimes days later, it can almost act as a dust magnet.  Our Floor finish is very easily cleaned with a dust mop or damp mop. Q.  What should I expect my PORTSTONE floor to look like? A. When properly installed, PORTSTONE should have a pleasing, somewhat rustic appearance. This includes grout lines that vary slightly in width and that are not perfectly straight. Many of the bricks will have irregular edges and slightly irregular shapes. Depending on the style of brick chosen, some bricks will have a generally smooth surface, some will be slightly textured, and some styles will be somewhat heavily textured. All PORTSTONE products may have some chipped corners. This is normal and to be expected. It does not affect the structural strength or longevity of the product. Colors will vary from brick to brick. All of this is done intentionally to give each PORTSTONE floor a one-of-a-kind look with the appearance and character of real cut stone and brick flooring. All PORTSTONE products are handmade and as such will vary slightly from floor to floor, or wall to wall, but the overall character and beautiful appearance will be consistent in all PORTSTONE products.  All of this, plus years of experience, experimentation and research combine to give these floors the character, beauty, durability and desirability available only from PORTSTONE.
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