PortStone can easily be used on vertical surfaces such as walls and backsplashes.  The photos above and below show walls done in our Rose Hill color.   Rose Hill is a very heavily textured brick made especially for use on vertical surfaces. PortStone can be installed over drywall on interior walls using ceramic tile mastic adhesive.  For covered exterior walls where rain water infiltration is not an issue such as covered porches and patios, PortStone can be install over concrete block, regular bricks, or concrete backerboard such as Hardi-Backer, Durock, Wonderboard, etc., using thin-set mortar.  If PortStone is being installed on exterior walls that will be exposed to rain, it should be installed in compliance with ASTM 1780.  You can see a very detailed guide to ASTM 1780 installation requirements at this link - Masonry Veneer Manufacturer’s Association.
Photo of a kitchen with thin brick by PortStone on the wall and basksplash.
Like all PortStone thin brick products, our Facebrick come in panels containing 8 bricks each which greatly speeds and simplifies installation.    The color seen in the photo above, the photo to the left, and on the backsplash seen below are all done in our Rose Hill color blend.  Rose Hill is only intended for use on walls due to its heavy texture.  
PortStone thin brick used on a backsplash.
PortStone works great as a backsplash. 
PortStone thin Brick accent wall behind a bar. Photo of a large room with PortStone thin brick on the walls.
The photos seen directly above and below are of our St. Louis brick installed in the Blue Coyote Supper Club on Sanibel Island, FL. 
Restaurant with Brick accent walls. PortStone thin brick in the Camden Hill brick color used on brick walls in a kitchen.
Color:  Camden Hill                           Pattern: Face Brick
Color: Rose Hill Pattern: Face Brick
The photos above and to the right show our Rose Hill color on exterior walls.  The porch and walkway are done in our St. Louis color.   Rose Hill and St. Louis are very similar, but Rose Hill is much more heavily textured making it unsuitable for use on brick floors.  St. Louis on the floor is an excellent choice for use with Rose Hill brick walls.
Brick Ceiling using PortStone's Rose Hill thin brick color.
And, yes, PortStone can even be used on ceilings!   A brick ceiling could not be easier to accomplish than by using PortStone.  In the photo above, the arched brick ceiling was rough framed using 2X4 lumber, then 2 layers of ¼” sheetrock were screwed onto the framing.  PortStone’s Rose Hill in the Face Brick pattern was adhered to the sheetrock using ceramic tile mastic adhesive.  When this brick ceiling was grouted, a small amount of thin-set mortar was added to the grout mix to make it a little more “sticky”.  This helped the grout stay in place better overhead until it had time to cure.
Made With Pride in The USA
We have several brick colors for use exclusively on walls, but we can also do PortStone for Walls in any of our floor brick colors also.  The colors seem below are designed for use only on walls due to their heavier texture.   There are thumbnail photos of colors available other than the ones shown in the finished applications pictured here.
Other PortStone For Wall Colors
Color: Frosted Charcoal Pattern: Face Brick
Color: Antique Charcoal Pattern: Face Brick
Color: Camden Hill Pattern: Face Brick
Color: Rose Hill Pattern: Face Brick
Color: Sanded Richmond Pattern: Face Brick
Color: Concord Pattern: Face Brick
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