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St. Louis brick floor in kitchen.  Kitchen brick floors. Thin brick on a kitche floor.


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PortStone thin brick for use n kitchen floors.  Brick floors in a kitchen
PortStone Thin Brick for Walls.  PortStone for fast and easy brick wall installations.  Bricks made in sheets.  Great for brick accent walls.

PORTSTONE Thin Brick panels are fast and easy to install and can be used for brick floors, porches, patios, swimmingpool decks, walls, even brick ceilings!  These lightweight thin brick panels are made up of multiple polymer modified concrete bricks interconnected by woven fiberglass mesh and laid out in predetermined patterns.  Because the pattern is already established for you, even complex brick patterns such as herringbone, circles, and even logos are laid in a small fraction of the time and cost that would be required with regular brick pavers or cut stone.  PORTSTONE can be used anywhere ceramic tile can be used.  Now you can have a thin brick floor over wooden as well as concrete subfloors, downstairs or upstairs!  PORTSTONE is very easy to handle. At about 3 pounds per sq. ft., PortStone weighs less than typical ceramic tile. Testing has shown PORTSTONE to be more impact resistant than ceramic tile, thin brick pavers, or even full size brick.

PortStone Brick floor in a kitchen.  Herringbone brick pattern.  St. Louis brick color ina kitchen.  Kitchen brick floor.

Maintenance is very easy.  Simply dust mop or damp mop occasionally.  Also, mopping on a thin coat of our recommended fast drying floor finish every 6 months will keep your PORTSTONE floor looking as good as new in as little as 20 minutes.

All PORTSTONE products are handmade, giving each floor or wall its own unique and special character and appeal available nowhere else.  

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PortStone Painted Brick Wall in a wie cellar

Want a Painted Brick Accent Wall?

PortStone is the perfect choice for painted brick walls.    It installs in sheets containing 8 bricks each with the pattern already established.  Just use ceramic tile mastic adhesive to adhere it to the wall.  As you can see in the photos above and below, we have Corner Brick pieces to wrap the corners giving the distinct impression of full thickness bricks, with out all the weight, mess, and hassle of full bricks.

PortStone Painted Brick in a Wine Cellar
Painted PortStone Thin Brick Wall


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