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PortStone Manufacturing Corporation is now the manufacturer of ALPHA BRICK products. This is the same products previously made by Alpha Concrete Products (no longer in business) in Oklahoma City, OK.  We purchased their molds and  formulas and use these same molds and formulas  used by Alpha Concrete to produce the same family of concrete brick veneer products.  We will be adding new products from time-to-time but for now, the ALPHA BRICK by PortStone products you purchase from us should be very much the same as those that were made by Alpha Concrete Porducts.

ALPHA BRICK by PortStone is individual concrete bricks, approximately 3/8" thick. ALPHA BRICK is priced by the square foot and sold by the box.   Each box contains coverage for 10 sq. ft. at 1/2" joint spacing.  You can purchase ALPHA BRICK either sealed or unsealed.



Prices for any of the colors seen below: 

Sealed - - - -  $5.98 per sq. ft.    59.80 per Box

    Not Sealed - - - $4.88 per sq. ft.    $48.88 per Box


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Antique Burgandy 4X8.jpg

Antique Burgundy 4X8

Antique Burgundy for Walls

Antique Copper 4X8

Antique Copper for Walls

Burnished Pewter 4X8

Burnished Pewter for Walls

Country French 4X8

Country French for Walls

Country Mix 4X8

Country Mix for Walls Rustic

Dan's Landing 4X8

Dan's Landing for Walls

French Quarter 4X8

French Quarter for Walls

Old Chicago 4X8

Old Chicago For Walls Rustic

Old South 4X8

Old South for Walls

Silverton 4X8

Silverton for Walls

Rustic Wine 4X8

Rustic Wine for Walls


Used Red 4X8

Used Red for Walls

Prices for any of the colors seen above: 

Sealed - - - -  $5.98 per sq. ft.    59.80 per Box

    Not Sealed - - - $4.88 per sq. ft.    $48.88 per Box


Call or email for a shipping quote. 

If you purchase unsealed Alpha Brick, you must seal the bricks before grouting.  It may take more than one coat of sealer to properly prepare the brick for grouting.   Allow the sealer to dry thoroughly brfore grouting.  Then at least 24 hours after the bricks have been grouted and cleaned, apply 1 coat of sealer and 2 coats of floor finish. (Prices for sealer and Floor Finish can be found on our Prices page.) 

ALPHA Brick must be set using a 1/2" X 1/2" square notched trowel  to spread the thin-set mortar which must be a good grade of polymer modified flexible thinset.  You can find our price for thin-set and grout on our Prices page.

The photos above depict as closely as possible the colors found within each color blend.  It must be noted however, that this is a hand made concrete product and as such there will be some variations in color and texture from batch to batch.  We recommend working from 4 or 5 different boxes whenever possible to give the best overall blend of colors in each floor or wall.

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