PortStone Thin Brick for walls is very well suited for commercial and institutional use as well as residential use, especially when used for interior or covered wall applications.  Weighing only about 3 pounds per square foot, PortStone's lighweight thin brick panels make it ideal for situations where added weight or depth is a concern.  It can be installed over drywall, cement backerboard, or over brick, concrete, or CMU using thin-set mortar or ceramic tile mastic adhesive. The panels are then grouted-in with sanded grout or brick mortar of your choice.  Once grouted, a PortStone Thin Brick wall looks and feels just like regular full sized bricks with out all the cost, mess, and weight of regular bricks.

PortStone at NASA's Stennis Space Center

Wall 2.jpg

PortStone Thin Brick Panels were used in this renovation work at NASA's Stennis Space Center.  The panels (or sheets) are made up of 8 individual polymer-modified concrete bricks mounted on mesh.  This was installed over exposed aggregate concrete wall panels.


This large area was completed in just a couple of days.  

The brick shown here is PortStone's Rose Hill blend.

Rose Hill Wall 1.jpg
Rose Hill Column.jpg

This is also part of the Stennis Space Center renovation project.  You can see how well our Corner Bricks wrap the corner of these columns.  PortStone was installed here over drywall.

PortStone at Mississippi State University

PortStone thin brick panels used in the Left Field Lofts at Dudy Noble Stadium, Mississippi State University, Starkville, MS.

PortStone Manufacturing Corporation is very proud to have been chosen to provide a small part of the recent $40 million renovation of the baseball stadium at Mississippi State University,  Dudy Noble Field.   


PortStone Thin Brick was used for interior brick accent walls in the Left Field Lofts at MSU.  These VIP apartment units overlook the baseball field from left field.  They needed a lightweight brick, but they needed it to match the brick on the outside of the building.  You can see the edge of the bricks we had to match just outside the door above.  PortStone was able match the existing brick to a tee. 


The architectural firm on this project was Wier Boerner Allin Architecture of Jackson, MS.

PortStone Thin Brick used in th Left Field Lofts at Mississippi State Dudy Noble Field stadium
Thin brick on a restaurant brick wall.jp

This is our Rose Hill brick color used on the wall of the Blue Coyote Supper Club, Sanabel Island, FL.

Restaurant brick wall PortStone Thin Bri