New Castle Brick Large Runningbond.jpg

Brick Color - New Castle                                                Brick Pattern - Large Runningbond

The PortStone Thin Brick seen in the top 3 photos on this page are our New Castle colors blend.  This was installed over pea gravel exposed concrete.  This was already a beautiful back yard backing up to a golf course, but when the homeowner installed PortStone, it totally transformed the patio and covered porch area, giving it a brand new look.

New Castle brick color.  Brick patio.  thin bricks on a patio, patio furniture on a brick floor. PortStone thin brick panels. PortStone thin brick sheets.  Brown and gold bricks.
New Castle Brick Patio.jpg
New Castle brick color, herringbone brick pattern on a kitchen floor.  PortStone thin brick flooring, kitchen Island on a brick floor.

Brick Color - New Castle                                                Brick Pattern - Herringbone

PortStone Thin Brick, New Castle brick color.  Beautiful brick walls in a kitchen.
Thin Brick by PortStone makes a beautiful brck wall in a kitchen.

Brick Color - New Castle                                                Brick Pattern - Face Brick