St. Louis thin brick floor in a kitchen. PortStone thin brick.  Runningbond brick pattern.

Brick Color - St. Louis 90%                              Brick Pattern - Large Runningbond

Brick floors have a timeless sense of beauty, charm and character all their own.  They have a warm, inviting appeal that you don't get with ceramic tile or carpet. But installing brick floors is often a time consuming, messy and expensive process. However, with PortStone Thin Brick, you can have all the beauty of brick flooring without the expense and hassle  of regular brick pavers. And, PortStone is much more than just another pretty brick floor. PortStone represents the first major improvement to come along in many years in the way brick pavers and cultured stone flooring are installed. PortStone is perfectly suited for new construction or remodeling, and for interior floors as well as Porches, Patios and Pool Decks, and maintenance is a breeze.

          * The Perfect DIY Flooring Product

          * Fast, Easy Installation

          * Installs in "panels" of lightweight bricks arranged in pre-determined patterns

          * Interior or Exterior Use

          * New Construction or Remodeling

          * No thicker than ceramic tile

          * More than 100 possible color and pattern combinations to choose from

Covered patio with a brick floor.  St. Louis Thin Brick Patio and Walls.  PortStone thin brick for porches and walls. Old recycled wood planks on a porch wall.  Antique brick.  Cypress wood beams. Outdoor living area.

 Patio Floor Brick Color - St. Louis Standard              Brick Pattern - Standard Runningbond

Brick Walls Color - Rose Hill                                 Wall Pattern - Face Brick