Promenade Richmond Brick Porch.jpg

This is our Richmond brick color in our Promenade Brick Pattern.  The Promenade pattern as seen above is made of of 4 brick panels with each panel containing 52 individual bricks.  The bricks are mounted on mesh to hold the pattern together.  Actually the better way to put it is that the mesh is built into the underside of the brick sheets.  Each sheet, or panel, makes up one quarter of the circle and borders that quarter circle with square brick tiles.  When all pieces are put together it forms an over all square with a circle of bricks in the middle.  The square brick tile border you see at the top of the picture is our 4" X 4" brick tile. This is the back porch of the same in the photo below.

Pinwheel Richmond.jpg

Brick Color - Richmond                                         Brick Pattern - Pinwheel Brick with Soldier Course Border