Wood inlay brick floors.  Brick floo with an antique pine inlaid pattern.  Old St. Louis brick by PortStone.  Brick floors ina foyer.  Wood and brick flooring in a foyer.

Color: St. Louis                                           Pattern: Herringbone with Wood Inlay

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PortStone offers 3 versions of our St. Louis brick based on various amounts of white mortar that is applied to the surface of the bricks.  These versons are 20-25% White, 60-65% White, and 90-95% White.  The percentages refer to the approximate number of bricks in the overall floor that will have some degree of white mortar applied to the surface of the bricks.  Be sure to specify which percentage of white mortar you want when you place your order.  The brick floor in the photo above is our St. Louis 60-65% White in Herringbone done with a wood inlay.  With PortStone's thin bricks on a mesh backing, the bricks inside the wood grids were able to be installed in a single sheet.  With regular brick, this pattern would be a very slow, labor intensive, expensive process.  PortStone makes the brick installation part a breeze.

St. Louis brick color.  Brick floors in a kitchen.  Kitchen brick floors. PortStone thin brick on a kitchen floor.  St. Louis 25% White

The photo above shows an example of our St. Louis 20-25% White brick color.  The pattern is Standard Runningbond.  The brick size in Standard Runningbonad is roughly 3 ½” X 7”.  In the 20-25% White style of St. Louis, approximately 20% to 25% of the bricks will have some degree of white mortar applied to the surface of the bricks.

The floor above is an example of our St. Louis 60-65% White brick floor.  The brick pattern is Standard Runningbond.  In this floor, approximately 60% to 65% of the bricks throughout the floor have some degree of white mortar applied to the brick surface.  This is what we consider "standard" and what we will make if no white percentage is specified.

This is a PortStone brick floor done in our St. Louis 90-95% White.  This brick pattern is our Large Runningbond pattern.  The bricks in the Large runningbond pattern are approximately 4 ½ ” X 9”.  Approximately 90% to 95% of the bricks in this floor will have some degree of white mortar applied to them.  The application process for St. Louis 90-95% White is a little different from the two other styles.  In the 90-95% White brick, we apply white mortar to the surface of nearly all the bricks, then remove some of it which leaves a white-ish cast to the surface of some bricks.  This style produces a much more white looking floor.

The best in Outdoor living.  150 year old wood beams. Ceiling fans in a covered patio.  Large covered patio.  St. Louis brick floor on a covered patio.  Sunroom. Rose Hill brick color.  PortStone. Thin brick.  PortStone thin brick.

This covered patio was done in our St. Louis 60-65% White brick in the Standard Runningbond pattern.  The walls to the left and right in the photo are done in PortStone’s Rose Hill thin brick color using our Face Brick pattern.  Rose Hill and St. Louis are very similar, but Rose Hill is a much more heavily textured brick that makes a great looking brick accent wall but the texture is too heavy to be suitable for use as a brick floor.

Wood and brick floor. PortStone brick flooring.
Bathroom with brick floors.  Cypress bathroom cabinets.  Cypress cabinet with a granite countertop.  St. Louis brick floor in a bathroom

Brick floors in the bathroom?  Why not?  This bathroom brick floor was done in our St. Louis 60 - 65% White. The brick pattern is Standard Runningbond.



Just as a side note, the wood work in these photos is Cypress with a Honey stain.

Brick floors in a bathroom.  Stined glass windows in a bathroom.  Cypress wood on a whirlpool tub surround.  PortStone thin brick on a batroom floor.
Front porch with PortStone thin brick.  St. Louis on a front porch.  Rose Hill front porch wall.  Knotty alder front door.

This brick porch and walkway were done with our 60-65% White brick in the Large Runningbond pattern.  The porch walkway is bordered with our Nose Brick which wraps the edge of the concrete and has a 2 1/4" turn-down.  Even though PortStone Thin Brick is no thicker than ceramic tile, our Nose Brick gives the appearance of full thickness bricks.  The wall in this photo is PortStone's Rose Hill color.

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